Career Challenges

How about that boss that has you report the same information in 3 different formats because he can’t make up his mind or really doesn’t know what he is looking for… Think Powerpoint, spreadsheet, Mindmap. Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! What an incredible waste of time, not to mention frustrating. And that’s just a piece of your boss’ incompetence.


Or the job you’ve just been transitioned to that sounded fabulous. Right up your alley, hits your strengths, plus a bit challenging, and working with people you respect. You’re thrilled to say yes and get started. You hit the ground running, get a few quick wins then tackle the harder stuff. Uh oh, now comes the pile on. They back the truck up, you hear a beep, beep, beep and bam they unload it at your office door. Here’s the rub, you did so well that the senior leadership added more to your plate. They added some long term strategic visioning (not in your wheelhouse). Added an offshore project, and for good measure let’s make you chair person of a steering committee. You were successful, now you’re not. You’re overloaded, frustrated, and maybe acquired a bit of self-doubt that you never had before.

Ok, a couple of interesting scenarios, but why am I describing these problems?

Would you be happy if you were either of these workers? I think I hear a resounding NO. Of course not, you’d be miserable and rightfully so. Well the point is that you can either be miserable and plod on, or do something about it.

Believe it on not, both those scenarios are very real and they happened to me. I loved my career and the company I worked for until I didn’t. And when I realized that I no longer respected my boss or his boss for that matter, I lost engagement, passion, and enjoyment. I hated going to work. It wasn’t fun any longer and that made me sad.

With some help from a co-worker I saw a different view of my strengths and talents. I have always liked working with people, helping smooth the way, mentor, coaching, etc. and as I went from Supervisor to Manager to Director, I mentored and coached more and more and was sought out to do just that. It became apparent to me that switching careers was the right thing to do. So I did.

I jumped ship after giving a month notice. I tested the waters by going as a guest to a Professional Coaching school and had an AH HA moment that first weekend in class. Low and behold, knock me down with a feather… I realized that I really enjoy trying to figure out how to help people and I’ve been told that I’m good at it. Wow, I want to be a coach!

I think I can, I think I can, I know I can, I know I can!

I am.

I enrolled (and coughed up the big bucks… gulp); I graduated, got my certification as a Professional Coach as well as certified in an Energy Leadership assessment tool so that I can help others stay engaged and passionate about their lives and careers. I know how to cut through the stuff that’s bothering people, I understand and have first hand knowledge about corporate America, and I have great tools in my repertoire.

I was plenty nervous starting my own coaching business; it’s a scary endeavor. Yet I did it and I’m THRIVING!

Thrive Life Coaching, Inc.

So take a tip from me; it’s important that you enjoy what you do every day, because when you don’t it affects your mind, body, and heart.

If any of this resonates with you, I’m here, ready and able to work with you. I can help you fulfill your dream and thrive; you are worth it!