Community service

Community Service

Community service. What does that mean to you? 

To some it means “uh oh, they got caught, received probation, and now have hours of service”.  To others, it’s a prerequisite of graduating from school.  To me and many people I associate with, it’s a giving back to our community.

I want to talk about the voluntary type, the giving back type, the “I want to help others” type.

The intention of community service is to volunteer your skills or expertise to aid someone else.  It can be an organization, nonprofit, or pro bono work for individuals.  Whichever route you choose it’s the donation of time that makes it a giving back to the community.  You’re not expecting a monetary or bartered payment.  It’s free.

Why volunteer?

I do it because I can.  I have a bit of free time and the desire to help others in need of assistance.  With my Information Technology background as well as my current Coaching business I have two broad skills I can use.  I can assist in basic computer skills, career coaching or helping with interview skills and resumes, or building self-confidence.  The list goes on and on.  Those are what I can bring to the table.  Everyone has something to offer, it’s up to you to figure out where you can make a difference.

The benefits are many. 

The obvious one is that it makes YOU feel good about contributing to the well-being of your community.  But what about the community at large or the people in which it serves?  Think about the houses you can help build or the park you could lend a hand to create or clean up.  You might be helping an entire neighborhood.  Or if it’s more tangible such as one on one interactions, you get an immediate result.  You can see the difference you’re making in someone’s life by just listening and being supportive.  Young or old, everyone needs to know that they matter.  That others care and are willing to lend a hand.  That’s the incredibly rewarding experience.

I truly enjoy meeting people and offering them my skills and strengths so as to better themselves.  Then, maybe if they are in a similar position they will remember the helping hand they received and do the same.

It takes a village and I will always be one of the villagers.

How about YOU?

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