Intentions, decisions


Three birds are sitting in a tree and one decides to fly off.  Now how many birds are in the tree?


The bird that thought about leaving changed her mind.  I never said the bird flew off, I said decided to fly off.

That’s the thing about intentions, it’s not a done deal…  You haven’t committed.  We all do it.  We say we’re thinking about this or that and then forget about it until someone asks about it.  We say we’re going to work out more, get another job or lose weight.  But what are you actually doing about it?  Did you join a gym, update your resume or start a diet?  If not, then you haven’t really committed have you?  You only INTENDED to do something.  Intention implies little more than what you have in mind to do.  Which means, you haven’t done a single thing until you follow through.

Thoughts are not actions.

Actions are actions, actions are commitments.  Now that begs the next question.  How committed are you to a course of action?  If you intend to get a better job what would you have to do?  Thinking about it without a follow up action helps you not one whit!  Thinking about it and then writing a plan or figuring out your strengths and skillset is an action.  Intending to update your resume is great, but until you do so you can’t apply for another job.

See where I’m heading?

While intentions can make great conversation they are just filled with hot air.  Nothing more and nothing less.  Actually nothing at all.  They are merely wishes or wishful thinking.  Nothing concrete until you turn it into something.

So what is your latest intention and how do you want to make it a reality?

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