The Art of Forgiveness

The art of forgiveness or letting go takes work and time, but in the end relieves stress by taking an enormous amount of weight off your shoulders.

My motto is “change what you can, then move on”.  Everyone struggles with forgiving and letting go.  Even Coaches.  It took me a long time to realize that getting the last word in or staying mad didn’t change anything.  I really didn’t feel better, or right, or more superior.  I was just mad, holding onto something that only I felt…  I decided that if I really looked at what was causing the issue it was usually my perception of a wrong; the other person may not have realized they had caused an issue at all, or if they did and it was intentional, why did I care anyway?  If someone was intentionally hurting me why would I want to be friends with them?  Hence the MOVE ON piece.

Our anger is in our own mind, not necessarily someone else’s.

Forgiveness: is a feeling first, and then, but not always, an action.  A feeling of forgiveness feels like a sense of release.  Letting go is about you, not the other person.  It doesn’t make the other person right or wrong, it doesn’t mean condoning a situation or behavior, it doesn’t mean agreement, it simply means you’ve decided that YOU can move on.  It means you’ve released your anger about something beyond your control.

In a recent study at Harvard  researchers found that practicing forgiveness reduces pain, improves heart health and increases happiness levels.  Forgiveness is one of the most powerful practices for transformation.

I’m challenging you to think about your relationships and any potential grudges you’ve been holding onto for so very long.  How has that anger or grudge served you?  How would it feel to LET IT GO and move on?

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